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Client Testimonials

What our clients like best about doing business with us

‘Friendly, efficient and patient advice. Particularly important as we have a limited understanding of financial matters. Always able to get an appointment to suit the times we have available. We have confidence in the advice given. Yearly one to one updates which never seem rushed and Jerry is good at listening and explaining. All our questions, however ‘silly’, get answered. Office is accessible and parking available nearby so visiting is easy. Everyone in the office is friendly and efficient and I like the fact that it is a ‘smaller’ organisation.’

Susan and John

‘Our knowledge of financial products is extremely limited so having yourselves to guide us (through what we see as a minefield) is invaluable. And you’re all lovely people to deal with!’

Stuart and Sam

‘The professional and thorough approach, and friendly and enjoyable meetings.’

Jenny and James

‘Thorough and personal service. Plenty of time given to answering questions.’


‘I like Jerry personally, & his sensible input when I’ve asked about my plans in general. It’s nice to have him as a resource. I like his attitude, balanced, & not just about the dosh.’


‘Jerry and his team have always shown a personal interest in me as a client and been very careful to spend the time trying to understand my personal situation to pair it with the financial situation. I feel that not only does he give good financial information but has often been able to offer good advice in a ‘life coach’ area.

Glyn and Janet

‘Personable, human, no pressure. Good approach. Rubbish jokes. Jerry makes the most boring subjects vaguely interesting and takes our nonchalance and bad attitude in his stride. For us, it’s a bit like going to the dentist. Necessary but in the long run you’ll be glad you did it.’

Krista and Rob

‘The friendliness.
The constant updating of my financial affairs.
The patience explaining such matters.
The comfortable environment.
The trust that has developed and the understanding and confidentiality dealing with personal issues I have.
The professional advice – something I don’t always follow!’


‘Small outfit, personal service, obviously care about client needs.’


‘We appreciate Jerry’s ethos of attempting to provide a high level of service to a finite number of clients, rather than simply building up numbers. We like the personal touch, and have built a good relationship with Jerry over the years of dealing with him, as well as with the other members of his team.’

Chris and Ruth

What our clients tell others about us

‘I have been with FPC for many years, always had good service and honesty.’


‘Trustworthy and efficient business to work with.’


‘When you are ready to grow up and deal with hard facts like mortality, mortgages, parenthood, pensions and life planning (not necessarily in that order), you will probably be able to stand looking at the bigger picture with somebody that will make it as painless as it can be. It’s all big and scary but it’s about taking a bit of control and preparing – especially for families, to make it a bit less scary. Having someone to list what needs prioritising, sorting out, insuring and considering and you just have to ‘sign here’. Easy. An overview from a kindly uncle that sorts it all out for you – with dubious jokes to boot.’

Rob and Krista

‘I am very satisfied with the service from knowledgeable professionals.’