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Achieving Cyber Essentials Certification


As a company, Financial Planning Concepts has always taken cyber-security very seriously and done whatever was necessary to protect the data held.

However, with cyber-attacks becoming ever more prevalent we decided to take this to a new level by engaging with Cyber Smart and having our IT consultants review and strengthen our processes even further. Cyber Essentials Certification covers everything that a good business should do to protect itself from cyberattacks. All our computers, tablets and mobile phones are scanned regularly to check for potential attacks and the cyber status report is fed back to the dashboard and emailed to Donna and our IT consultants, meaning that they can ensure that everything is working as it should be and that all units are being checked regularly. It also communicates the need to update operating systems so that we can ensure that all our technology has the latest software installed.

Achieving Cyber-Essentials

Further to setting out on this journey and after a lot of work behind the scenes, we have now achieved Cyber Essentials Certification, which can reduce the risk of cyberattacks for us and our clients by as much as 98.5%.

We believe that this demonstrates a firm commitment to data protection and professionalism which offers peace of mind for all concerned. To illustrate this achievement, once our new website is up and running (watch this space!), we will be adding the Cyber Smart badge.

Investing in a secure future

This is one example of how Financial Planning Concepts is investing in a secure future, you can be confident that we won’t stop here and will continue to actively research solutions which can improve the service we are able to offer.