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Over a very long career, I have formed a very particular set of skills. These skills have allowed me to virtually double the time that I have available every day. My fellow Executive Director Donna, created a conceptual model utilising these skills called the ‘Can Do Conceptual Model’ which is used to foster a ‘Can Do Culture’ within our firm.

This culture is achieved through a focus on Communication, Attitude, knowing your Numbers, Dedication to your clients and Organisation within your firm. These are interconnected factors that allow every person to make simple and immediate changes to their mindset and working practices in order to improve results.

Communication, Attitude, Numbers, Dedication, Organisation - CAN DO

Better COMMUNICATION, will make big changes in the relationship you enjoy with your clients and your ATTITUDE makes a big difference to how you interact with the world. Measure your NUMBERS regularly, whether it’s production, activity, personal goals, profit levels….. if it’s important to you then it has to be a goal and you have to measure progress. To make a big difference to the future you, then you need DEDICATION. There is arguably only one reason why people fail in this business and that is lack of dedication, or discipline if you prefer. You need to discipline yourself to do all the things that are difficult to do first; and ‘To do’ lists HAVE to be finished each day. Finally, ORGANISATION, putting into place simple elements such as using the dictation button or focus cards help to increase productivity and organise my team and I incredibly quickly and efficiently.

In fact, this concept has been so revolutionary, that I was recently chosen to present it at the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) Annual Meeting in sunny Los Angeles. The five-minute presentation at MDRT Speaks was given alongside world-renowned speakers, to a global audience of 15,300 delegates from over 63 countries. This was an amazing opportunity for me to share some of the techniques that I have acquired with my peers and the presentation was very well received.

Since that first presentation, I have gone on to present my thoughts and ideas at the following conferences, thus cementing my achievement as an international speaker and in a small way as a global thought leader:

Communication, Attitude, Numbers, Dedication, Organisation - CAN DO

Annual MDRT Conference, June 2018 – ConneXion Zone presentation, Los Angeles

Annual MDRT Conference, June 2019 – Focus Session presentation, Miami

Annual MDRT Conference, June 2019 – ConneXion Zone presentation, Miami

Metlife Annual Conference, January 2020, Creating a Can-Do-Culture for Advisers, Tiszakecske

Metlife Annual Conference, January 2020, Creating a Can-Do-Culture for Advisers, Budapest

Future Commitments

Global MDRT Conference, August 2020 – Focus Session presentation, Dubai

If you are interested in having me speak at your event, please contact me on 01872 278588. I look forward to hearing from you and to connecting with your audience.

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