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Donna Wellington

Dr Donna Wellington

Executive Director – Research and Strategic Development

In her previous career Donna was a highly effective and influential educator with extensive knowledge and experience of teaching, learning, leadership, management, and education consultancy across a wide range of contexts including business, secondary and higher education. Achievements include successful leadership of departments, whole school, cross federation, and county initiatives. She has also led teams of academics in higher education and associate consultants in the private sector.

Her passion for education has been brought with her into Financial Planning Concepts and used to support Jerry in his work to educate clients regarding financial planning. She also encourages team members to be active learners through accredited and non-accredited learning opportunities, as well as improving her own knowledge of the sector through relevant conferences and study programmes.

As an academic Donna is an Executive Director responsible for research and strategic development at Financial Planning Concepts. She keeps up to date with developments in the sector and ensures that FPC evolves in a compliant and highly effective manner making excellent use of the latest technological solutions to improve practice management and communication. It is her responsibility to turn theoretical solutions into practical applications, she designs processes, trains the team, and supports them to move developments into practice. She focusses on running the business effectively so that Jerry can devote himself to serving his client’s.

Donna was born and raised in Truro, Cornwall, then went away to University in London, did not return to Cornwall for twenty-five years and now lives in Truro, Cornwall. She is married to Jerry who is the Co-owner and Executive Director of Financial Planning Concepts. Between them they have four children, two girls and two boys.

Outside of work, Donna loves to travel and to spend time with family and friends. Like Jerry she is also part of the sandwich generation, Gen X and does her best to support her aging mother whilst always being on hand to help her children, stepchildren, and Jerry’s granddaughter Lexi.

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