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MDRT Focus and ConneXion Zone Presentations

Following my speaking debut last year, I recently had the privilege of being invited to speak again at the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) Annual Meeting 2019. As I explained previously MDRT is an international organisation that is dedicated to encouraging ethical values and sharing professional knowledge, whilst helping to improve business practices and client service for financial professionals. It was an honour to be invited to speak last year and it was an even bigger honour to be invited back.

This year’s annual meeting was in Miami and was attended by over 11,000 enthusiastic members from around 65 countries. I was chosen to do two presentations alongside world renowned speakers; a one-hour presentation in the MDRT Focus Sessions to a global audience of several hundred delegates, plus, a more informal twenty-minute presentation to 100 peers at the MDRT ConneXion Zone.

Both presentations offered an amazing opportunity to dive deeper into the ‘Can-Do Conceptual Model’ introduced last year which is used to create a ‘Can Do’ culture within our firm. This model focuses on the importance of better Communication, having a more positive Attitude, understanding the power and importance of knowing your Numbers, displaying greater levels of Dedication and ideas for more effective Organisation of individuals and teams. These are interconnected factors that allow every person to make simple and immediate changes to their mindset and working practices in order to improve results. I was able to share a wide range of specific methods to implement the ‘Can-Do’ concept into business practices, drawing on the plethora of ideas that I have developed. Being a more intimate setting in each case, I was able to involve the audience in the presentation by ensuring visual, auditory and kinaesthetic delivery methods.

To round off a fantastic experience, after the Focus Session presentation, I was approached by the CEO of a major global company and asked to run a workshop for her team on the model that had been presented!!!

As well as delivering my talks, I again had the opportunity to attend some amazing presentations myself and to meet friends from around the world to learn from them, and which allows us the chance to further strengthen and improve what we do here in Truro and ensure we are always providing the best services that we can for our clients.