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The ROC5K500

On the 28th June 2016, Jerry, his step son Kieran and Kieran’s best friend Joe took part in the ROC5K500 run, which started at Lemon Key in Truro, saw runners run down to Boscawen Park and then back again.


Joe, Jerry and Kieran before the race

ROC exists to help as many people as possible, throughout the UK, who have learning or similar disabilities to be who they want to be.

ROC believes all people with a learning disability should have the chance and the support to be able to do what they want to do. ROC will work towards making this happen.

ROC will do this by valuing and supporting all people who use our services, and those who support them. If you would like to know more about ROC please use the following link

On the night there was a great deal of competition among some very competitive runners. However, the FPC team were only interested in finishing.

IMG_0454      IMG_0460

After about half an hour of running Jerry came in to view and finished the race strongly. Following a further five minutes or so Joe and Kieran also managed to finish.

FPC is very proud to support ROC and the team were happy to play an active part in the fun run.